Play yardWelcome to Old Stone Pet Lodge, the first state-of-the-art indoor, overnight canine and feline boarding facility.  We have a large outdoor play yard with astro turf, to eliminate dogs getting dirty when playing outside.  Our facility is located in the woods on 61 acres, south of Oregon.

Kennel Hall

We offer luxurious private suites and standard rooms for our canine guests and condos for our feline friends.

Suite Hall
Canine Guests:
Standard Rooms
  Standard runOur standard rooms are 4' x 14', which our guests are able to roam in freely any time they are in their room.
  Our standard rooms are designed with isolation panels to eliminate cross contamination from guest to guest. The isolation panels also tend to make our guests feel safer, which in turn lowers any stress they could encounter from being away from their owners.
  The standard room price includes a cot, for our guests sleeping pleasure; exercising outdoors minimally 3 times a day; an afternoon treat and some daily loving.
Luxurious Private Suites
  Dog in private suiteOur private suites are 6' x 8', filled with home amenities, including a special bed. The private suites are separated from the standard rooms to endure a "sweet" stay.  
Family Canine Room
  Includes a 6'x 8' room, separate from the individual runs; each guest receives their own cot, minimally 3 outdoor exercise/potty times, afternoon treats and some daily love.  
Feline Friends
Cat Condos
  We offer individual cat condos, in a bright, airy and comfortable, home-like environment, full of entertainment.
  We guarantee to let our feline friends out of their individual condos minimally 3 times a day to climb and roam freely.