Q.1   What do you mean by an indoor kennel?  Does my dog go outside at all?
Ans.   " At our facility canine guests can either stay in a 4'x 14' room or a 6'x 8' private or family suite. All the runs are indoors, climate controlled, including in-floor heat.
      " We guarantee to take our canine guests outside minimally 3 times a day to play in our large, astro turf play yard.
      Please click here to go to the facilities page to learn more.
Q.2   Can you describe your basic dog kennel run?
Ans.   Our standard rooms are 4' x 14', which our guests are able to roam in freely any time they are in their room.
      Our standard rooms are designed with isolation panels to eliminate cross contamination from guest to guest. The isolation panels also tend to make our guests feel safer, which in turn lowers any stress they could encounter from being away from their owners.
      The standard room price includes a cot, for our guests sleeping pleasure; exercising outdoors minimally 3 times a day; an afternoon treat and some daily loving.
Q.3   Do you have any other runs, besides the standard, available?
Ans.   Yes, we offer two other rooms besides the standard room:
>Luxurious Private Suite
-Our private suites are 6' x 8', filled with home amenities, including a special bed. The private suites are separated from the standard rooms to endure a "sweet" stay.

>Family Canine Room
-Includes a 6'x 8' room, separate from the individual runs; each guest receives their own cot, minimally 3 outdoor exercise/potty times, afternoon treats and some daily love.
Q.4   Do you take cats?
Ans.   Yes, we offer individual cat condos, in a bright, airy and comfortable, home-like environment, full of entertainment.  We guarantee to let our feline friends out of their individual condos minimally 3 times a day to climb and roam freely.
Q.5   Do you charge all your services separately (i.e. boarding, walk, treat, etc.)?
Ans.   We offer packages, as well as the opportunity to add additional services with our guests stay. For example, our packages include a cot, going outside minimally 3 times a day to exercise/potty, an afternoon treat and some daily love. With this you can add some of the add-on services, such as a greenie, kong, additional one-on-one time, etc.
Q.6   What other services do you offer besides boarding?
Ans.   We offer a number of different services for our guests, to learn in more detail about our dog services click here our cat services, click here. Some additional services in brief are:
Self-Service Wash Area: we have a self serve wash area for our customers to use, as well, we will give our guests baths and clip their nails as requested as an additional service.  Any dog staying for 5 consecutive nights will receive a complimentary bath. 
Training – we will be offering training in the near future.  Types of training classes will be:
On-site training for sporting dogs
Obedience training
Puppy training
Q.7   What shots does my pet need to come to your facility?
Ans.   Vaccinations are required for all pets staying with us.
For our canine guests the following shots are required:
Distemper Combo
Routine Flea & Tick Protection is Recommended
For our feline friends the following shots are required:
Feline Leukemia
Routine Flea & Tick Protection is Recommended
Proof from your veterinarian indicating all vaccinations are up-to-date is required upon check-in; you can have your veterinarian fax us your pet’s vaccination records directly if you’d like.
Q.8   What happens if my pet becomes ill or requires medical attention during their stay?
Ans.   At check-in we will verify an emergency contact number and how you would like us to handle such situations.
      Our normal policy is: if your pet requires medical care during their stay with us, we will first attempt to contact you and your veterinarian. In the case of emergencies where you and your vet cannot be reached, we will contact our veterinarian; if they are not available we will contact a 24-hour veterinary service to seek appropriate care.
Q.9   Do I need to provide food for my pet while they are boarding at Old Stone Pet Lodge?

We supply premium food to our guests.  If your pet requires a special diet, or you would like your pet to enjoy its regular brand of food during their stay, please bring it along.  When checking in, whether we are feeding our guests your food or ours, we will review your pets feeding habits and feed them according to your specifications

      When bringing your own food, please adhere to the following:
Please bring only enough food for your pet’s stay.
Package each meal in a separate Ziploc bag or package all of the food in a plastic, grocery size bag or plastic container along with the appropriate measuring utensil.
Label all containers clearly with your name and your pet’s name.